The first Summer Camp was, successfully, held in 2015 in Qingdao. Directors and campers gathered in campfire and left countless laughter in the camp. 



MiniCamp  MiniCamp is a tailor-made camp session which embodies the essence of campfire...

Camp Programs


2016 Summer Camp 

Outdoor Education 

Ideology and culture around the world conflict and exchange.


Travel Camp  Campfire International™ regularly take our campers to our contracted camps abroad...

Indoor Classroom

Safely experience pure American camp without going abroad.

On April 16th 2016, Campfire International has officially announced the launch of its brand at the International Financial Center (IFC Plaza) in Beijing, China, after  one year of successful operation of Campfire International camp programs in China.

Latest News


The 2016 Campfire International Summer Camp will be held at Camp Future - the first professional American camp in China. Camp Future is invested and built by Campfire International based on traditional American camp model.


Summer Camp  Summer Camp consists of Classic Camp, Pioneer Camp and In-Depth Camp...

Campfire International Summer Camp accepts campers aged  7 -18 year-old from both China and abroad . Our professional camp counselors and wonderful camp activities will bring our campers international friendship of life and  an unforgettable experience!